DADO Announces New Product Features

We are so relieved 2020 is in the rearview mirror.  In spite of it all, there’s a silver lining to last year’s craziness, DADO is able to kick off this year with a solid group of pioneering customers. DADO users are the most exciting builders and tradespeople of our generation. It is our mission to empower DADO users by delivering exceptional document management and intelligent search tools so that they can focus on what they do best – build!!

In the spirit of empowering our user base, DADO is prepared to support our customers by kicking off their 2021 projects with intelligent search tools to find the right information at the right time. Our DADO team is devoted to building new product features and enhancing on existing ones. We are thrilled to announce 3 key updates:

Who says the devil is in the details?

Feature: New OCR Algorithm

You have no control over the state of the drawings. DADO reviewed dozens of the dirtiest construction documents and refined our algorithm so that even coffee stains, repeated scans, and the most ridiculous fonts won't stop your teams from finding the information they need. 

DADO Intelligent Document Search Tool

DADO now supports:

  • Poorly scanned copies
  • Multiple text orientations
  • Mix of text images (OCR) and true type font
  • Poor previous OCR
  • Stamped text or handwritten text
  • Historical documents (typewriter)

DADO is tirelessly adding to the connector list!

New Connector: Sharepoint

DADO added another connector to our list of supported cloud integrations. You can now do a one-time upload or set-up an ongoing sync of your documents in Sharepoint Teams. 

DADO Intelligent Search Connectors

DADO is Your End-to-End Solution for Document Retrieval

Feature: Advanced Mark-up Features

DADO aims to deliver an experience as easy as drawing on paper but with the benefits of real time collaboration software. We hope the advanced mark-up features will convince you to make DADO your hub for all document mark-ups for both personal use and sharing with others.

DADO Advanced Mark-up Features

Latest features include:

  • Measure: Some great features for estimators here such as the counting tool, area measurements, etc.
  • Signature: save your signature and stamp your signature into documents
  • Stylize: Rich text styling tools
  • Share Favorites: Save your favorite document and customize for your different team members.

DADO is ready to support high performance teams to build for generations to come. Are you prepared to give us a try? Sign up for our risk-free demo.

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