DADO-Autodesk Construction Cloud integration

We’re very excited to share that DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud™ is now available in the Autodesk® App Store! We officially announced this yesterday and wanted to share more about how this integration will increase efficiency, both within teams and across multiple contractors.

The integration delivers powerful new opportunities for both Autodesk and DADO customers. It’s also a big step for DADO as we partner with Autodesk and their growing app marketplace, and expand our industry integrations.


What is DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud?

DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud enables a sync of documents and plans from Autodesk Construction Cloud - including Autodesk Build documents and BIM 360® documents and plans - to DADO.


What does this mean for you?

  • A single document hub for project documents that includes docs and plans from Autodesk Construction Cloud
    DADO Sync already creates the single document hub by connecting to major cloud platforms including Microsoft Sharepoint and Egntye; now documents from Autodesk Construction Cloud can be included. Contractors don’t have to download or manually re-create document stores - they’re automatically synced in DADO’s single document hub.

  • A smart, fast way to search and find Autodesk Construction Cloud documents and plans
    DADO’s intelligent search engine reads document information in synced plans and documents, including photos, PDFs, and scans. As a result, you can search and navigate to any Autodesk document in seconds.

  • An easy way to manage multiple document stores between contractors
    Trade and General Contractors each need their own system of record and area to collaborate within their team. DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud gives you control over which Autodesk docs you sync to DADO and lets you choose to get notifications for important updates, eliminating duplicate admin work.

More about DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud

View DADO Sync for Autodesk Construction Cloud in Autodesk’s App Store

Why Integrations & App Marketplaces are So Important

Taking a step back and looking at technology as a whole, integrations and app marketplaces play an important role in the advancement and adoption of tech in every industry. App marketplaces from Apple, Google, Zapier, and have driven adoption and pushed technology forward both for consumers and businesses. And integrations have been critical to enabling both consumers and companies to break free of tech silos and get things done more efficiently.

The construction industry is no different. Construction app marketplaces like Autodesk’s App Store are organizing apps, creating a central place to learn about and access new software, and creating visibility for startups that will help to grow ConTech as a whole.

For construction companies, discovering apps that integrate technologies is crucial. Despite the industry centralizing around a handful of major app platforms, most contractors still have to jump between 3-5 cloud platforms to manage documents on a project - and sometimes even access an on-prem server. No one actually wants to spend hours digging in file structures, but without integrations, there was no choice.

In contrast, an integration like DADO Sync for Autodesk creates a streamlined document management experience that contractors want: less time searching, less administrative overhead, and easy access to the docs they need, at their fingertips.

As the construction industry continues to digitize, integrations become more crucial to making tech work for the industry. App marketplaces like Autodesk’s are a key platform for ensuring that high quality integrations are easy for construction companies to discover, learn about, and adopt.

What this Means for the Future

Our integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud is only the tip of the iceberg. We’re thrilled to have launched this, and excited about exploring further possibilities of different document types as well as other customer use cases.