Construction document management is a heavy burden shared by all project teams.  Organization, management, and retrieval of project information is critical to project success. Most information is located in deep file structures in multiple cloud platforms that are created by a range of disciplines.  As projects become more sophisticated the information required to support the complexity is perpetually growing. In this DADO post, we provide solutions for overcoming the ever-increasing challenges that come with managing construction documents across multiple cloud platforms.

1.   Disparate Cloud Platforms

Problem: Construction documents are generated by many different companies from a range of software platforms and distributed using many different cloud platforms. 

Solution: A cloud manager will effectively help you to search, sync, index and transfer files between your drives. Examples of cloud managers include MultCloud, AnyCloud, CloudHQ. Unfortunately, these cloud managers do not connect with industry software like Procore, Autodesk 360, or PlanGrid. DADO integrates with every major industry software provider.

2. Inability to Easily Find the Right Data at the Right Time

Problem: Hidden in the project folders and files are thousands of important details that can be easily missed.

Solution: This is a difficult problem to solve. Adobe Acrobat, OmniPage, and Abbyy FineReader are the top OCR solutions on the market but these applications don’t understand construction. Only DADO speaks construction. From prioritizing key documents and drawings by project phase to drilling down to the project details, DADO brings intelligent search to construction by recognizing information that often gets lost in digital translation.

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3. Multiple Document Iterations and/or Versions

Problem: New iterations or versions of construction documents occur almost every second of the workday. It is important to be able to find the most recent version as well as  compare the difference between the last versions. Sometimes these changes are not easily found.

Solution: There are a range of solutions for comparing document versions. Only DADO is empowered with intelligent search to find the right document and then make the right comparison.

4. Managing Document Modifications from the Field

Problem: Once construction starts, modifications of construction documents occur in the field.

Solution: A mobile app is needed to (1) find the right information, (2) make modifications, and (3) collaborate. Only DADO empowers field teams with the power of intelligent search, mark-ups and collaboration tools that can be used on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

5. Waste of Time, Money, and Resources

Problem: The challenges described above make the potential for error high. Therefore, item five is waste of time, money, and resources spent on working off of incorrect plans.

Solution:  A software solution like DADO ensures project teams are working off the correct information in the office and out in the field. To learn more about how DADO reduces waste, you may be interested in reading DADO Intelligent Search Tackles Lean Construction.

Did we effectively cover all the challenges that come with construction document management?  Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.